Customers who do not own a home or live in an apartment can still get a significant discount on energy by signing up for our Ashita Denki service at  Activating this service is as easy as switching utility providers, nothing more is required.  Unlike other companies, TRENDE does not charge a monthly base fee so customers only pay for the energy they use with a straightforward low-cost rate.  Registration ias very simple and normally takes less than 10 minutes online.  It is best to have your current electric bill in front of you and a credit card to get started.  We are confident that customers will like our Ashita Denki service.  No fixed contract, no cancellation fees.

English Guidance

For those who do not understand Japanese, below is a step-by-step guide on how to register on our Ashita Denki website:

(In Progress)

(Please be aware that if your name does not exactly match the name stored in your current provider’s database, the application will not be immediately processed and you will receive a follow up email. Potential differences include whether your name is stored in romaji or katakana, and the order of your name.)