We're done with expensive bills, complicated tariffs and climate change apathy. TRENDE is our response. We provide cheap electricity (in fact we're one of the cheapest suppliers on the market), we focus on simplicity with easy to understand products, and best of all we're spreading rooftop solar throughout Japan. Want to get involved? Scroll down to check out Hot Denki and Ashita Denki. Go on, have a gander.



Save yourself some cash and get that smug doing-my-bit-for-the-environment feeling
Hot Denki is our pride and joy. If you own a home with a roof, let us put some solar panels up there. For 10 years we provide you with cheap electricity and at the end the panels are all yours. To put it another way: we want to give you solar panels that have been installed, verified and maintained, all without a single payment. See why we are excited?
It's a no brainer. Ashita Denki provides a great deal on electricity which you can fully appreciate with two easy-to-understand tariffs. We offer the best value deal possible for a small household or a large household, your choice. Register in under 10 minutes.  Did we mention that there are no cancellation fees?

Spreading Rooftop Solar

Solar panels installed
Tons of CO2 emissions saved
Happy prosumers
"I had thought about installing solar panels on my rooftop for several years.  However, the high upfront cost was a big obstacle for me. I had read articles mentioning that the cost of installing solar panels for residential customers in Japan is more than twice the cost in Germany.  Moreover, I wasn’t an expert in solar power and wasn’t sure how long it would take before my investment would pay off. I also worried about what I would do if the panels broke or malfunctioned. So we started Hot Denki with the clear goal of removing all of these pain points and accelerating the widespread adoption of solar power in Japan. " ~ Jeffrey Char
Jeffrey Char
Jeffrey Char


Tadatoshi Senoo
Tadatoshi Senoo


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